Steps .. How to activate your Facebook activation activation

Sometimes you can reactivate activate your account activation, and then activate it, activate your account activation, activate your account activation. Follow us detailed step by step to launch your account activation activation.

1. Log in to your Facebook account via the browser or you can open the Facebook application on your Android device.

2. Tap on the horizontal lines menu located in the top corner of the screen.

3. Under the Featured Region tab, go to Settings.

4. Click on the Personal Information and Account option under the Account tab.

5. Click Account Ownership and Control.

6. Go to the option to deactivate and delete.

7. Check Account Deactivate Continue Click Continue to Activate Account.

8. You will be directed to the password entry page, enter your password.

9. Check Activate account creation from the available options, or you can also create another reason with an explanation.

10. Under “Reactivate your account” tab, select the financial period in which you want to activate the account, then click “Continue”, after the time period has elapsed, the account will be automatically activated.

11. Click on Activate Activate My Account.

What happens next when you disable your account?

Your timeline, and # can be found in the Photos folder, some details, like the messages you’ve sent, appear, your name appears in your friends’ friends. Your comments and posts may also be previously to group admins along with your name.

What happens to Facebook Messenger?

Can get a chance get a chance get a chance get a chance get a chance get the chance to get emails.

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