5 Troubleshooting Methods If AirPods Disconnect

Follow the actions you take to resolve the problem and make it conform to the printing rules.

Make sure nothing is blocking the signal

Wireless earbuds can be much better than wireless earbuds, the earbuds can mess them up in the long run.

If you find the sound cuts off and goes out, make sure your phone is locked near you, and don’t test the range of your Bluetooth connection, if the sound is choppy, try to remove any obstructions that might be obstructing the signal.

Example backwards, best results and best results from blocking sources and intervention to and solving your problem.

Try putting your AirPods back into their charging case

Your AirPods are now connected.

Take your AirPods and put them back in the charging case, it may fix your problem.

Toggle Bluetooth on and off again

There is another way to “boot” the system: toggle Bluetooth on your iPhone.

If that solves the problem of connecting to your iPhone.

Start the Settings app and tap on Bluetooth, turn off Bluetooth by the left button, then turn it back on again.

Try using only one AirPod

An AirPods problem.

Try wearing only one earphone at a time and see what the problem is.

If the connection is frequently disconnected when only wearing another one, you may need to have your AirPods serviced or have a doctor.

Install any available updates

Software update, if an update is available, turn on your iPhone to boot.

AirPods update automatically when they appear near your iPhone.

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