How to insert pictures into Excel cells in 7 steps

Many Microsoft Presentations, Presentation Presentation, Presentation Presentation, Presentation in Microsoft Documents, Meeting in Teams and many more, and perhaps some of these other documents that you don’t know a lot about Presentations are adding images inside Excel cells, where you can Tables can become their own make them more attractive by adding pictures to Excel cells.

Excel sheets can be accessed through the Microsoft application (which comes built in) or Google Sheets, and the benefit of working on Google Sheets can be the ease of being able to edit an Excel sheet directly in the same spreadsheet in real time. You can also see changes made by others to Google Workspace.

1. Click on the add sign

2. Click the image option

3. The “Enter Picture” dialog box will appear.

4. Select the images you want to add to the Excel sheet

5. Click the Add button

6. Set the image size to fit inside

7. Put the image inside the cell

Pictures are shown inside.

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