How to try to limit the spread of the “Hermit” spyware application on their devices

Research on spyware called “Hermit” of the Android and iOS group of companies.

Where TAG tracks victims of hermit espionage in Italy and as a cure.

How does spyware spread?

The download process at the same time helped to distribute the Hermit spyware to both platforms outside the App Store and Google Play Store, in the process, the attackers send a text message with a malicious link that deceives and convinces them of the ease of the application and installation, and into allowing the Android system to install applications from outside the Store Applications.

The process in iOS devices is a bit more complicated but not impossible. Hermit has posted spy reports on its devices, 9to5Mac reports.

The institution and how it helped spread the hermit?

Apple offers corporate exclusivity to distribute enterprise applications to their employees outside the App Store. Report Center, published a report published by iOS website, enterprise application face to face, this application is unable to other application store to follow.

However, it is easier on enterprise apps than these enterprise apps are in iOS because Apple has no backtracking in some apps, than some of the Hermit ones – record audio from the microphone, forward phone calls, store photos and emails in addition to affecting location device current.

How Apple stopped the spread of Hermit spyware on its devices

I discovered before they became famous of the famous spy program. Release: This turns off the malicious app outside the App Store, this makes iOS worthy safe as RCS Lab may find another way to “exploit iOS to distribute their spyware” as the report states. She is appalled at the links that appear on nearby phones.

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