Ross Cosmos sent a cyberattack after it published photos and coordinates for decision-making

Dmitriy Strogovets announced, managed on behalf of the service in the journalistic, the experts gained access to the institution.

Strogovic wrote on his Telegram channel, “The information technology experts of Cosmos were able to repel a cyberattack against the organization’s website, this attack after it was published on the website of a network of sites for (decision-making centers) in NATO members. The organization’s website was working well, and the attack was not DDoS has no consequences for it, RT reports.

Earlier Strogovets earlier “To Russian, Russian, Russian.”

On the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid, “Ros Cosmos” led pictures of western “decision-making”, taken from the Russian Resurs-P satellite, and in those pictures appeared the White House and the “Pentagon” in Washington, the IFEMA conference center in Madrid, where the summit is being held , the British Ministry of Defense, the Reichstag and the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, as well as the Elysee in Paris.

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