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Digital World, which plans to buy Donald Trump’s new social media company, has revealed a federal jury investigation, which it said could impede or even block its application of Truth Social.

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp plunge 10 percent in an exhibit in New York, subpoenas come from a grand jury in New York, and subpoenas come from the Department of Justice in an ongoing airport by the Securities and Exchange Commission about what was in a digital world that broke the rules from During substantive talks about the company’s purchase of a success symbol last year, the stock debuted to the public in September, just weeks ago. Her announcement that she would export Trump’s company.

A project was launched and a social media project was launched in February starting to a new digital stage and fighting the limitations of big technology, after a year of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, , , , wholesale, And the symbol of wholesale digital commerce, it will be represented in the implementation of its important tasks.

The new challenge makes it difficult to fund his social networking company. The company last year received promises from investors to inject $1 billion into the company, but it can get a passport to the finish on Digital World, and the stock in Digital World soared to more than $100 in October after it announced its deal to buy Trump’s company.

As for Digital World, a special purpose investment company, which is part of an investment phenomenon that has spread greatly during the two years, Digital World said in a regulatory filing on Monday that every member of its board of directors has been summoned by the grand jury in the southern region. from New York. The grand jury and the Securities and Exchange Commission are also seeking and acquiring a number of documents, including sponsor, ARC Global Investments, Miami-based venture capital Rocket One Capital.

Some of the required documents require “due diligence” regarding Trump Media and other hosting targets, as well as communications with Digital World’s underwriter and financial advisor at its initial public offering, to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s disclosure, Digital World also announced the resignation of one of the required documents. Members of its board of directors are Bruce Garelick, Rocket One’s chief strategy officer.

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