Amazon is planning two major shopping events this year

Amazon plans to hold a second shopping event for Prime members similar to Prime Day and the event will take place in the fourth quarter, the first time the company has held two such events in the same year.

An announcement, according to the Arab Gateway for Technology News, comes as Amazon prepares to receive its Prime Day event on July 12 and 13, a major annual sale talk designed to attract new subscribers.

He shoots a new batch of sales in the fall prime deal, and letters to the company’s letters to sellers. External Relations Department, called the central vendor.

One message said Amazon is asking sellers to offer special promotional deals for the event, the so-called Lightning Deals, July 22.

The deadline for another letter is September 2nd. You should ship their products on September 12th.

Nor competition for the exact date of the event is unclear. The sellers seem to have confirmed that in October. The two notices are directed to offer limited-time fast deals through July 22, well before the fourth quarter event.

The notice also states that the Fall Prime deal event is an exclusive Prime member shopping event coming in the fourth quarter.

Participating sellers are required to offer a discount of at least 20% off their current prices to join the Fall Prime Deal event.

She said that all products that have a set of products have a set of qualities.

Thursday’s sale to Amazon provided a boost in bought sales as the company grapples with weak customer demand after an explosion of growth that continued to be driven by the pandemic.

Amazon wants to increase sales and attract new members

The company’s April sales posted the slowest quarterly revenue growth since the dotcom crash in 2001.

The products added at the event also helped to use up the empty warehouse space after overestimating the demand and building a large number of storage facilities.

It also helps in improving the retail sector by getting rid of some of the services that are located in Beida.

The event takes place at the Prime Day event that takes place in July this year. Came in 2008, both events generated high sales of TVs, sneakers, and other items.

There was some momentum that was showing previously. Trips to new trips to their trips via amazon.

Analysts predicted an 8.1 billion Prime Day event volume this year, which is consistent with last year’s summer event.

And Amazon in particular has looked beyond a day to see shoppers, with deals focused on specific topics.

Last October, the company held its first event in the field of beauty products. The goal is an investment gateway.

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