Apple faces a big obstacle with the failure of the 5G modem .. Details

Analyst Ming Chi reported that the efforts of the iPhone manufacturers, the iPhone, are doing well for Qualcomm, which is set to support it greatly. Your right to the entire contract, according to a report by the Arab Gateway for Technical News.

It has made, coupled with the need to rely on Qualcomm as a supplier

“The most recent survey indicates the most recent for supply carriage for 2023,” Coe said.

If you’re using 2023 iPhones, work with me internally instead.

Qualcomm is expected to supply 100% of iPhone chips for 2023, instead of 20%.

Apple is expected to develop 5G chips. Time to complete the work, fit for use in other iPhone devices.

Apple has to rely on Qualcomm

It is not clear why it will not be able to equip modem chips in time for the launch of the iPhone in 2023.

Apple went into an upgraded token manufacturing process with 5G chips from iPhones for 2020

Apple ended up settling its lawsuit with Qualcomm in 2019, and it has since used Qualcomm’s 5G modems in its iPhone and iPad ranges.

The company has since been working on developing it in 2023.

Qualcomm said last year that it expected to supply 20% of modem chips in iPhones in 2023, but it now appears that it may lead to other projects.

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A: The rent responses to the massive loss of 5G chips for the iPhone.

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