Elon Musk suddenly stops tweeting .. I know the details

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and future owner of the Twitter platform, has been notably absent from the platform since June 21, tweeting at least once since May 1, and what has happened is an ambiguous silence for more than one Twitter appearance, which topped His tweets have made headlines almost daily since he offered to buy the company outright in April.

Luck for business insider mentions, luck appears to have made his $44 billion bid to buy the dream.

made observers brows wondering where he had gone, even as he hit the new Twitter milestone of 100 million followers.

Within a short period of time, after a short period of posting in three days, its time was short after a short period of days.

It might be worth $223 billion, yacht or lounging on the beach in place to celebrate his 51st birthday.

In 2000, as the CEO of PayPal, he was laid off by the board of directors while on his way to Victoria for vacation.

Also, shortly after, on another vacation to Brazil, Musk contracted what he said was a “near-fatal” case of malaria, and once again, one of his rockets exploded during his week off.

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