Enhanced gaming company Niantic lays off 90 employees and cancels 4 projects Details

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is laying off 8% of working users, watching reportedly content with 85-90 jobs, and is also working

Reportedly in the economic session, and as a standby in standby mode in the future, according to an engadged report.

A Niantic spokesperson said at the rally

And one game that has been postponed is Transformers: Heavy Metal. Niantic and Hasbro announced the title in 2021 and have been testing it in some markets since last summer.

Niantic also commissioned a theatrical project Motivational Hamlet.

Punchdrunk theatrical project, project launch project for the project.

Unable to recapture the dizzying success of 2016’s Pok√©mon Go, the company shut down an AR game based on Harry Potter earlier this year, and Bloomberg notes that titles to Catan (which closed last year) and Nintendo’s Pikmin haven’t worked either.

Commercial and Public Projects It’s Others Running on AR Apps

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