The world celebrates World Asteroid Day 2022.. know the story

Today, Thursday, June 30, the scientific community celebrates World Asteroid Day, an annual awareness campaign officially approved by the United Nations in 2016 with the aim of educating people about the dangers of asteroids colliding around the planet and the surrounding events.

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in its report, Asteroid Day is held annually in conjunction with the anniversary of an asteroid event related to the modern history of the Earth – the Tunguska accident in Russian Siberia.

A massive explosion occurred on June 30, 1908, near the Podkamenaya Tunguska River, which dealt a fatal blow to the top of the fire, about (50-100 meters) thrown over Hiroshima, Japan.

and the Asteroids World Business Edition 100X – the big operative that’s expected to become a zonal; He was celebrated for the powerful condition that would bring him in good shape.

The solar system 4.6 billion years ago. Orbiting around the sun, asteroids are mainly made up of minerals and rocks, while comets are made up of dust and ice.

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