Advanced groups in the European Union file a complaint against Google

Contrary to what Google claims, the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) said Ursula Paschel, Deputy Director of BEUC said:

And then it has strengthened the general data protection databases in Europe. Choose settings that protect your privacy, but Google violates this principle when creating an account, as it claims, and also asserts that having an account, as it is called, also confirms that obtaining applications from Google Play, according to a report Engaged.

and subscribe to the space indicating changes in climate change that appears in the options box of the Google site, and it appears in several options, click on Turn on Google email settings, Google does not provide an opportunity to close. .

Ergonomics in a vibrating environment, simple and fresh steps.

A group of Google subsidiaries three years ago, the ranking of the group of affiliates, the official decision to date, the BEUC mark 10 groups are in the European Union.

In response, Google provided the following statement to TechCrunch:

We do this piece of information, and that’s why, and that’s why we’re betting we’ve done that piece of information. , and must be able to understand how data is generated from their use of Internet services,

The company, the company’s subsidiary, its carrier, send another message, a promotional message [سلطات حماية البيانات] DPA affiliates and feedback from testers.”

BEUC said Google’s practices have not changed since it first lodged its complaint, and “we need swift action from more Egyptians to ignore the General Unacceptable Financial Data Protection Regulation,” said BEUC. “This case is of strategic importance and the EU’s Immigration Service, the European Data Protection Council, Google has faced the wrath of the European Union before, and Google has faced the wrath of the European Union before, Dar Al Atta’a received $5 billion in 2018 due to its app and browser selection practices.

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