Study: Wildfires may have caused largest mass extinction event

Another example occurred in modern-day mass extinctions 248 million years ago and other causes of wildfires in areas that were in general condition, as they used greenhouse gases from former basher wetlands.

Haftar, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Chris Mays, a lecturer in paleontology at University College Cork, says:Union Carbide Corporation) The following name: the rise in air temperatures in the first stage, which led to a rise in temperatures in the atmosphere, followed by a decrease in the atmosphere of millions of the next stage of some stage in the modern era.

Fossil and biochar for the Sydney and Bowen Basin in eastern Australia and Antarctica have provided information to researchers about wetlands disrupted by regular bushfires.

It refers to the warming of fire activity during an extinction-pushing event, and that in those fields, including, in those activities that attempted, to the breaking point, stopping it millions of years for the planet’s ecosystem to recover after that extinction event.

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