How do you do it? .. How to use Instagram to share with other social networks

If you are a user InstagramCommunications has a chance to be the only social network you post on, the app makes it very easy to send your post to a few other social networks, including FacebookAnd here we present to you the ways, according to what was mentioned by the site ” the edge “.

How to do it through the iPhone app:

prepare an application Android Very similar in steps.

Collect photos Instagram With other social networks, CS has to link these accounts.

• From screen Instagram Home, tap on your profile icon, followed by the menu icon in the top right.

• Select Settings > Account > Share to other apps.

• Select the account you want to link and enter your login information, link the number of networks, including Facebook And theTwitter And thetumblr.

Post your photo on Instagram and other social networks.

You can set it now, you should set it when you post your photos to InstagramIt will also be posted on social media:

• In the application InstagramSelect the plus tab, select the checkmark of the photo you want to share or take a new photo, press next.

• You can apply the filters stickers you want to the photo, and press Next.

• In the last photo before posting photos, you will have the option to write a comment, tag people, near a location, and you will also see the current main social media list – Facebook And the Twitter And the tumbler – Along with other services you have linked Instagram.

• Connect the social networks that you want to publish, you will be invited to do so at this point.

• If you select advanced settings that come right after social services, your photos and videos will be automatically arranged on Facebook.

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