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The Saudi Ministry of Interior reveals the truth about the fabricated Al-Jawf incident video

On Saturday, the Saudi security authorities announced the arrest of two citizens for publishing a fabricated video clip that violates the Kingdom’s anti-cybercrime law.

And the police in the Al-Jouf region, in northern Saudi Arabia, arrested two citizens for posting visual content on social media, in which one of them claims that he was subjected to an “assault” on a road, according to the “General Security” statement.

The inference procedure revealed that the content was “untrue” and that it included false information and “allegations”, in violation of the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Law.

The two defendants published a video clip that circulated on social media in the Kingdom, during which they talked about “being assaulted” on the road, which caused “damage to their vehicle.”

However, it was found that the damage the vehicle suffered as a result of the presence of an “iron object” that had accidentally fallen on the road, and the Special Road Security Force took action on the accident in a timely manner and provided the “necessary assistance,” according to the statement.

They were arrested, and regular measures were taken against them, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution, according to the “General Security”.

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