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A Saudi application to report side effects of cosmetic products

The Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia stated that reporting side effects of cosmetic products contributes to protecting the consumer from infection, which reduces the possibility of their occurrence and recurrence in the future.

And she pointed out, in educational information she published on her Twitter account, that the side effects mean the occurrence of an undesirable effect that may occur due to a factor or many factors when using the product, and these symptoms are: redness, hair loss, itching, shortness of breath, and skin burns.

The authority advised the need to follow a number of procedures to avoid the occurrence of side effects, including: storing the products in a suitable place according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not mixing the products with each other, or adding any products to them, and using them according to the instructions, and not sharing the product with others to avoid transmission, and checking of its validity, avoiding the use of products of unknown origin, and purchasing them from trusted sources of sale.

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