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With a “coffee pot”, Saudis stopped one of the Dakar Rally champions

“God is alive.. don’t get tired” with this sentence, a Saudi youth, a participant in the Dakar Rally championship, stopped to drink Saudi coffee, and on various social media platforms, Saudi youth stopped the desert rally champion Nasser Al-Attiyah to drink coffee during his participation in the Dakar Rally competitions .

In an interview with about this situation, Suleiman Al-Shaibani said: “We came from the city of Dammam with my ten friends for a walk in Salwa Road, and we were waiting for the rally cars and after lunch, we prepared coffee, and at that time we follow Snap Nasser Al-Attiyah and Dakar news, This was to see Al-Attiyah passing through the site, and when we noticed him approaching our site, we stopped him to welcome him and take pictures with him.

He added: “During our waiting for the gift, we were surprised by one of our friends on the trip. He brought a (dallah of coffee), and he accepted their invitation and he and his assistant drank Saudi coffee and tea with them.”

He continued, saying: “Al-Attiyah was very humble and thanked us for the generosity and hospitality, and he told us: I could not leave you and walk.

Al-Attiyah during the Dakar trip

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