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Eye-catching scenes of water flowing from the Selimiye waterfall in Medina

The famous Sulaymiyah waterfalls flowed in the Badr Governorate in the Madinah region, in a wonderful view beyond imagination, and the waterfalls appeared in creative aerial shots and picturesque and magical scenes after heavy rains in the region.

On Tuesday, the Saudi Radio and Television Corporation published a video of “creative aerial shots, and stunning and charming scenes of the Selimiye waterfall in Medina,” which was documented by aerial photographer Raed Al-Awfi in a video circulating on social media platforms, which found great interaction from activists.

Selimiye waterfall

In an interview with the photographer Al-Awfi Ashiq, who tracks the rain sites and their effects on nature, he told “I photographed this picturesque view through aerial footage north of the village of Aqila Al-Ayadat, which is located about 70 km northeast of Medina, and the Selimiye waterfall is located at the end of Shuaib Al-Salimiyya, which is one of the tributaries of Wadi Al-Shaqra, east of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, and usually lasts for several days after the rain falls.

Regarding the beauty of the scene, Al-Awfi indicated that the scene is breathtaking and attractive to all photography enthusiasts, who document the most beautiful sites in Saudi Arabia, which tells about the splendor of the flow of water in this majestic form of the waterfall, which is no different in its beauty from the most famous waterfalls in the world.

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