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The Ministry of Endowments sets the conditions for Hajj for Jordanians in the next season

The Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites in Jordan has started the initial registration for those wishing to perform Hajj for the season 1444 AH / 2023 AD for Jordanian citizens and residents of the Gaza Strip residing in the Kingdom.

The Ministry stated in a statement yesterday, Tuesday, that registration will take place through the electronic Hajj portal ( from the morning hours until 10 pm on Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

And the Minister of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites, Muhammad Al-Khalayleh, said that those wishing to register, who have met the conditions, will pay 200 dinars to the elderly registrant only, and it will be refunded after the end of registration at a time determined by the Hajj and Umrah Department.

The minister stated that he is exempted from paying those accompanying the pilgrim, pointing out that payment is available through “e-fawateercom”, or by visiting a branch of the Jordan Islamic Bank.

It is required to register in the Hajj season for this year, that the registrant be born on December 31, 1960 or younger, for the registrant or the registrant, who is old, has never performed the Hajj, and has received two doses of the Corona virus vaccine from the approved vaccines.

Regarding savers with the Hajj Fund, the minister indicated that savers who have completed the 3,000 dinars in their balance before the beginning of September 2017 are entitled to register via the fund’s website (

As for the woman wishing to accompany a Mahram with her, her registration is required to be accepted if she completed the 6,000 dinars before the beginning of September 2017 for her and the Mahram, as the fund savers are not required to pay any amounts upon registration, and it is required that they obtain two doses of the Corona virus vaccine from the approved vaccines.

Al-Khalayleh added that this year’s Hajj season will be at its full capacity, as it was before the Corona pandemic.

Jordan’s annual quota is estimated at 8,000 pilgrims, in addition to individual pilgrims.

In the last Hajj season, the Department of Hajj and Umrah issued instructions for Hajj affairs, which devoted the principle of partnership with the offices of accredited Hajj and Umrah companies to achieve the ministry’s goal of providing the best services to pilgrims of the Sacred House of God at the best prices.

And Saudi Arabia decided to return the number of pilgrims for the Hajj season of the year 1444 AH to what it was before the pandemic without conditions or age restrictions, while reducing the comprehensive insurance fee for Umrah to 88 riyals, and the pilgrim insurance fee to 29 riyals.

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