An old toy that dogs tampered with was sold at auction for $66,000! .. What is the reason?

An American man bought an old doll for £53,000 ($66,000) at an auction held specifically for this purpose in Britain.

In the details published by the British newspaper “The Independent”, and viewed by “Al Arabiya Net”, the auction organized by the “Victs” auction company in the city of Teesside in northern England ended with the sale of the worn and old doll that dogs had bitten and tampered with.

The antique doll was made in 1910 by the German company (Kammer & Reinhardt), and it is of the type that is offered for sale only every twenty to thirty years, according to what the company that organized the auction said.

A German buyer lost the auction after a bidder came over by phone from the US and paid £52,675 for the toy.

The doll was made of very high quality, based on real children and made for adult collectors rather than children. But fashion changed in Germany after World War I, and the huge market for such expensive dolls largely disappeared.

The seller, who did not reveal his name, said the doll belonged to his grandmother and then his mother. He added: “This doll has always lived in the living room on the couch for as long as I can remember and our late dog was biting the doll’s foot when he was a naughty puppy.”

He added, “My mother is now unfortunately sick, and we emptied her house, and we found this doll again.. Since there was a lot of furniture and keepsakes to sort through, we had to deal ruthlessly with what we were keeping, so I put it on a pile of things to go through.”

The “Victs” auction company estimated the amount for which this doll will be sold at between 12 thousand and 17 thousand pounds sterling, but it was sold at many times that amount.

“It’s amazing that she made this amount of money, but it’s a beautiful example of something so rare,” said expert Kathy Taylor, of the auction organizing company.

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