Police arrest former leader of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

Former Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon was arrested on Sunday as part of an investigation into her party’s financial records, according to police and British media.

And the Scottish police said in a statement: “Today, a 52-year-old woman was arrested … as a suspect in the framework of the ongoing investigation into the financing and funds of the Scottish National Party,” while British media confirmed that the woman in question was Sturgeon.

Police Scotland said: “The woman is being taken into custody and is being questioned by Detectives Scotland. UK police do not release the names of the suspects until they have been charged.

Police searched Sturgeon’s home last April

Scottish police are investigating how the 600,000 pounds ($745,000) earmarked for the Scottish independence campaign was spent.

Party treasurer Colin Beatty and former CEO Peter Morell were arrested and questioned as part of the investigation. Neither of them has been charged.

Muriel is Sturgeon’s husband, and police searched the couple’s home in Glasgow after his arrest in April.

Sturgeon unexpectedly resigned in February after eight years as party leader and prime minister in a semi-autonomous Scottish government. She said that now is the most appropriate time for her, her party and her country to make way for someone else.

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