“Political prosecutions” .. Trump’s allies are defending him

Considered a lawyer Former US President Donald Trump And his allies, today, Sunday, said that it was within his rights to keep documents after leaving the White House as personal “souvenirs” or declassified documents, denouncing the “political prosecutions” he was exposed to.

His lawyer, Alina Haba, told Fox News two days before Her client’s appearance in federal court in Miami In Florida, Trump has “every right to keep classified documents after they have been declassified.”

“They are souvenirs, things he has the right to take,” she added, dismissing the possibility that her client would plead guilty.

Alina is a pill

In turn, Trump ally Chairman of the House Judicial Affairs Committee Jim Jordan told CNN that “the president’s ability to classify and control access to national security information is derived from the Constitution … He said he declassified this material, and he could put it anywhere.” He wants it, and he can handle it however he wants.”

Weak defense

But the indictment, which was revealed Thursday, rejected this argument previously put forward by Donald Trump.

The former real estate mogul has been charged with 37 counts because upon leaving the White House he transferred thousands of documents, some of them classified, that should have been entrusted to the National Archives, and because he then refused to return most of them despite requests from the FBI.

The indictment states that in July 2021, at his golf club in New Jersey, Trump disclosed to four people without a permit to access defense secrets a “plan of attack” prepared for him by the Department of Defense when he was president.

“As president, I could have declassified it… Now I can’t, it’s still classified,” he said in an audio recording that the judicial document referred to.

According to the indictment, the classified documents included “information about the defense capabilities of the United States and foreign countries,” “about US nuclear programs,” and “potential vulnerabilities in the event of an attack on the United States and its allies.”

In a statement to Fox News, former Attorney General Bill Barr, who has become critical of Trump after working with him, said the indictment was “very detailed.”

Barr considered that “the idea that the president has full authority to classify any document as personal … is absurd.”

Divided country

And the day after Donald Trump denounced at two Republican rallies that he was exposed to “crackdown” His allies stepped up their efforts to prove it.

“They take one path, then try another, and continue to pursue it,” said Jim Jordan, repeating that the trial was orchestrated by Democratic President Joe Biden’s camp, although the indictment was adopted by a grand jury of citizens in Florida.

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan

In particular, the former president was charged with “illegal retention of information related to national security,” “obstruction of justice,” and “perjury.”

According to an opinion poll conducted by the “Ipsos” institute and the “ABC News” network, published Sunday, 47% of the participants who were questioned on Friday and Saturday considered that the charges in the case were “politically motivated”, compared to 37% who did not believe that.

Meanwhile, 61% of respondents think the lawsuit against Trump is “very serious” (42%) or “somewhat serious” (19%).

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