Israel “killed hundreds” of ISIS in a series of attacks it carried out 8 years ago

In 2015, Israel carried out a series of attacks against the “ISIS” organization in one of the neighboring countries, which led to hundreds of deaths and injuries among its ranks, according to what was reported today on the Israeli TV channel i24NEWS website, quoting yesterday, Sunday, what “Gadi Eisenkot” said, former Chief of Staff of the Israeli army. Currently a Member of Knesset for the National Camp.

Eisenkot said, during a session at the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies, that the attacks “were intense and by more than one country, and their results in some places were beyond all imagination, in terms of the type of operations and attacks that were carried out, and some of the operations were carried out by various military units in the army.” , from the military forces, air force, special units, and foreign relations,” he said.

He added that the phenomenon of ISIS “took place in 2015 for us”, as an accident occurred in a specific place and we were asked to carry out an attack, so we carried out a relatively large attack, and hit a large number of “ISIS”, adding that there are not many countries in the world that know how to locate targets the size of a platform. And it puts a missile at a target within a radius of 1,000 kilometers around Israel.

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