No more updates.. Samsung ends support for this phone

Samsung has ended support for the Galaxy S10, as it did with the rest of the series, as these phones will not receive any future additional updates from Samsung.

The Galaxy S10 (5G version) is the first smartphone that supports fifth generation networks available to the public, as it was launched in 2019.

And Samsung had previously announced the end of support for the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e, all versions that support fourth-generation networks only.

Samsung provided updates to the Galaxy S10 series over four years, as it was launched with the Android 9 update in 2019, and it got monthly security updates in addition to 3 major annual system updates, so it is now working with the Android 12 update.

During the last year, the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones got quarterly security updates, before Samsung stopped supporting them permanently.

It is noteworthy that there is another version of the series, which is the S10 Lite version, which was released in 2020, that is, one year after the launch of the previous phones, which means that the phone will continue to be supported with quarterly security updates until next year.

Samsung follows an update policy starting in 2022, through which it is committed to providing Android updates for all its Galaxy series smartphones for a period of 4 years, while the higher-end versions will get five years of security updates.

On the other hand, Apple provides updates for iPhones for at least 5 years, while security updates continue when needed for longer periods.

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