Rapid Support has incurred heavy losses.. and combing operations are underway

The Sudanese army confirmed, on Monday, that combing operations are underway south of Khartoum, Halfaya Bridge and east of the Nile, noting in a statement that the Rapid Support Forces suffered heavy losses, including the destruction of dozens of military vehicles.

The Sudanese army said in the statement, which it posted on its Facebook account:

“Yesterday, your armed forces carried out combing operations for pockets of rebellion in the areas of Rumaila and Abu Hamama around the Al-Shajara area, Jisr Al-Halfaya area, Khartoum Bahri locality, and Sharq Al-Nil locality. To leave their dead behind.

We point out that the rebels are now wearing civilian clothes, using looted civilian cars in their every move, and taking shelter in citizens’ homes.

Our forces counted a number of martyrs and a number of wounded.”

This said a Saudi-American statement, that The two facilitators are ready to resume the Sudan talks if the two parties abide by the Jeddah Declaration.

The statement announced that the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) demonstrated effective command and control of their forces during the ceasefire period that took place on June 10, 2023, which led to a decrease in the intensity of the fighting and its decline throughout Sudan and enabled the delivery of Vital humanitarian aid and the achievement of some confidence-building measures.

However, the two facilitators deeply regretted the return of the two sides to acts of violence immediately after the end of the cease-fire period, and affirmed that a military solution to the conflict is unacceptable, and strongly condemned these acts and called for their immediate cessation.

They affirmed that, within the framework of continuing their stand by the Sudanese people, they are ready to resume the talks as soon as the two parties to the conflict demonstrate their adherence to what they agreed upon in the Jeddah Declaration.

The two facilitators will coordinate with regional and international partners to stop the fighting and reduce its impact on the region, and intensify coordination with the relevant Sudanese civil authorities to ensure their participation in shaping the future of Sudan.

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