Rats invade the city of jinn and angels.. and the municipality of Paris: coexist with it

Rats have become part of the decor of the City of Light, which is visited by 44 million visitors annually, and these rodents have invaded the streets of Paris and are now competing with residents and visitors alike, although this phenomenon is not new to the population who are tired of its disgusting view, but what is new is the statement of the Mayor of Paris In her efforts to confront the phenomenon, as Ann Hidalgo proposed, the establishment of a committee to study “coexistence” with these rats.

Local authorities have been trying, for years, to no avail, to deal with the millions of rats that nest in the French capital.

According to, there are currently about 5 million rodents living in the capital, Paris, or about two mice for every Parisian.

And the Paris municipality, which has received many criticisms due to the spread of rodents in the Parisian streets and the damage it causes to the population, and with the pressure of ecologists who oppose killing rodents, considered that “the issue of coexistence with rats presents itself.”

In this regard, said last Thursday, the ecological representative in the municipality of Paris, Anne Sawiris, saying, “We have decided, with the Madame Mayor, in this recent period to establish a committee on the issue of coexistence,” with the aim of “being more effective and ensuring that things are not unbearable for for Parisians.”

The elected official believes that rats “do not pose a threat to public health,” but she went on to say that “this does not mean that rats are allowed to roam the city.”

The deputy mayor of Paris confirmed that the municipality will “raise awareness” and bring in thousands of waste baskets because leaving food outside – according to her – is “the main reason for the multiplication and exit of rats,” noting that the guardians will resort to traps “if you will not find another solution.”

The official explained that these rodents “do not rise to be a public health problem,” although they are carriers of some diseases, and stressed that the disease poses a major threat to garbage collectors who can be vaccinated with anti-vaccines.

While these proposals were welcomed by ecologists and animal associations that advocate not killing rodents, they were met with disapproval from the opposition, which considers that “the presence of these rodents harms the lives of Parisians” and the establishment of “the 44 million visitors to the city annually.”

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