Shocking results.. A third of German youth accept the practice of violence against women!

A new survey has sparked outrage among feminists in Germany, with a third of young Germans saying it is acceptable to use violence against women.

A German group called the “Federal Organization for Equality”, on Twitter, described the survey results as “shocking”.

According to CNN, the survey was conducted by the children’s charity Plan International Germany, and its results were published in local newspapers.


A group of 1,000 men and 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 35 from all over Germany were asked to give their opinions on questions for the online study.

And 34% of men in this age group admitted to having committed acts of violence towards their partner in the past, in order to “instill respect in them,” according to the German “Deutsche Welle” DW network. And 33% said they thought it was acceptable to “hand-assault” their partners from time to time during an argument.

The survey found that expectations within a relationship differ significantly between men and women. Slightly more than half of men, 52%, wanted a relationship in the form of a “homemaker-breadwinner model”, meaning that men want their role to be limited to earning money for the house, with childcare and domestic tasks primarily among women’s tasks.

However, more than two-thirds of the women interviewed disagreed with this, and would like equal partnerships and participation in decision-making.

According to Deutsche Welle, more than 115,000 women in Germany were victims of partner violence in 2021, according to federal police data. This equates to 13 women every hour. In the same year, 301 women were murdered by their partners or ex-partners.

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