Watch… a confusing video of an “alien” causing a furore on communication

Social networking sites were abuzz with a video about the US authorities monitoring an alien creature in Las Vegas, who was apparently strolling through the complete darkness of the planet, amid utter mockery of the story.

The circulating video shows a strange object moving in a suspicious way, which is said to have landed from a flying saucer in Las Vegas, and it was monitored by a family’s surveillance camera.

Heneidy watches it and comments

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Heneidy, mocked the video, commenting: “I mean, he commissioned himself to invent a spaceship that was thousands of years old. He forgot to invent underwear to cover himself up.”

Earlier, the White House said that “there is no indication of the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial activity,” in response to questions about the objects that the US military announced that it had recently dropped.

The Pentagon spokeswoman, Susan Goff, later denied the existence of a secret US program aimed at collecting debris of UFOs.

It is noteworthy that the United States announced that it is still working to determine the nature and purpose of the recently shot down flying objects. And a previous poll showed that 19% of scientists in the United States believe in the existence of contacts with UFOs.

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