Watch the mummification of the Russian shark killer in Hurghada

Today, Monday, the embalming process began The shark killed the Russian tourist in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt.

Specialists at the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Red Sea Reserves began conducting mummification operations in preparation for placing it in the institute’s museum.

The Egyptian authorities were able to extract the remains of the body of the Russian tourist who was devoured by the deadly shark.

Sources revealed to that the authorities succeeded in extracting half of the body of the Russian tourist from the shark’s belly, namely the head, chest and arms, while the fishermen succeeded in extracting the second half from the sea at the time of the accident.

The sources confirmed that the shark almost devoured the victim’s entire body, but after he noticed the approach of the fishermen’s boat, who confronted the scene and tried to save the tourist from it, he fled, throwing the lower half into the water.

The fishermen pulled out the lower part of the victim and then chased the shark until they were able to catch it and transfer it with the knowledge of the competent authorities and a specialized team from the Ministry of Environment to the Institute of Marine Sciences in Hurghada to analyze and dissect it and prepare a scientific report to show and know the change in its behavior and extract the body of the tourist from inside it.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Governorate is studying a plan through which it is possible to prevent the recurrence of the accident and avoid the arrival of predatory sharks to those who go to the beaches of the governorate.

Egyptian sources revealed to Al that Major General Amr Hanafi, the governor of the Red Sea, is currently studying with the Tourism Investment Association to oblige hotels to put nets on the beaches, and to oblige hotels and tourist villages to set fishing nets with specific specifications determined by the specialized committees and at specific distances within the waters on various beaches.

The net aims to impede the arrival of sharks to the beaches and the places where citizens and tourists are located in the sea water, in order to preserve lives, and to ensure that the shark incident will not recur, in addition to broadcasting a message of reassurance among beachgoers.

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