With a list of new tips, such as makeup and removers, this is how you can survive the jaws of a predatory shark

After the incident of a shark attacking a Russian tourist and devouring half of his body in a tragic accident that took place in the city of Hurghada on the Red Sea coast in Egypt last Thursday, the governorate provided new advice to avoid attacks by these deadly fish.

The governorate set 9 tips for its visitors to avoid shark attacks and confront them in case of exposure, most notably not to wear jewelry, shiny watches and thick, colorful clothes, because they attract deadly and predatory fish.

The governorate called on beachgoers, swimming enthusiasts, and safari enthusiasts not to use deodorants, body and skin creams, and make-up, because they arouse the shark’s curiosity. It also demanded not to urinate or pour drinks into the sea water, because sharks have a strong sense of smell, and it increases if they are hungry and looking for prey.

The governorate called on women in the event of menstruation or those with bleeding or an injury not to go down to avoid shark attack, because blood attracts them, calling on its pioneers to get out of the water immediately in the event of a wound or bleeding.

The governorate advised swimming enthusiasts not to throw any waste or leftover food in the water, even if it was an empty biscuit sheet, not to swim next to fishing boats and fishermen, and not to swim alone, but rather in groups to ensure safety from such attacks.

Not pretending to be dead

The governorate revealed a safe way to confront the shark in the event that it attacks the individual, which is directing strong blows to it and in its sensitive places such as the nose, nostrils and eyes, and not pretending to be dead and getting out of the water without the shark being behind, or behind the back of the swimmer so that it does not pounce on him suddenly and swim. Over the water and safely to the beach.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Governorate is studying a plan through which it is possible to prevent the recurrence of the accident and avoid the arrival of predatory sharks to those who go to the beaches of the governorate.

Egyptian sources revealed to Al that Major General Amr Hanafi, the governor of the Red Sea, is currently studying with the Tourism Investment Association to oblige hotels to put nets on the beaches, and to oblige hotels and tourist villages to set fishing nets with certain specifications determined by the specialized committees and at specific distances inside the waters on various beaches.

The nets aim to impede the arrival of sharks to the beaches and places of residence of citizens and tourists in the sea water, in order to preserve lives, and to ensure that the shark incident will not recur, in addition to broadcasting a message of reassurance among beachgoers.

The Hurghada Health Directorate in the Red Sea Governorate had received a report that a 24-year-old Russian tourist was attacked by a shark during a trip in Hurghada, while two others were injured during the accident.

It turned out that the shark attacked the tourist group and devoured the Russian tourist and cut his body in two halves.

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