With axes and hammers.. A terrifying video of a jewelry store robbery in broad daylight

A shocking and terrifying video showed the moment an armed gang carrying axes and hammers robbed a crowded jewelry store in the middle of the day, in full view of shoppers in Leeds, northern England.

Dramatic footage shows the masked criminals smashing and grabbing and using axes and sledgehammers to force their way into the store in Leeds.

In the video, of which obtained a copy, many passers-by appear in a state of terror and amazement because of what they see in front of them, while the gang was punching multiple holes in the window of the “Ramsden” jewelry store on “Morley High Street”, at 12:00. 11:36 a.m. last Thursday.

The footage also showed the criminals jumping into a black Mercedes with bags full of precious stones and gold before speeding off. Two men were also seen exiting the store with bags and weapons and jumping into the car.

When the car sped off, a pedestrian threw something at it, in what appeared to be a desperate attempt by a pedestrian who was present at the incident to stop or disrupt the criminals, or at least try to delay them until the police arrived.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail”, which published a report seen by “” on this incident, said that the car used in the crime “was later destroyed and two men from the gang were arrested.”

According to the newspaper, the thieves tried to hide their traces by moving from a Mercedes to another Porsche, but a West Yorkshire police helicopter carrying airborne troops spotted them and then chased and arrested them.

“It was very scary,” said a woman who works as a hairdresser in a nearby shop and saw what happened. The police sealed off the area, which was littered with broken glass, for forensic examination.

A security source said: “They split and exchanged cars, but the police helicopter was on the lookout for them. The car they were traveling in crashed and the driver fled, but he was arrested shortly after.”

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