3 accidents in Nottingham, and 3 bodies. A hotline for anyone with information

While investigations are still ongoing regarding the successive incidents that occurred on Tuesday in Nottingham, central EnglandWith one suspect arrested, the city police issued a request to the residents.

The Minister of State for Immigration Affairs, Robert Janrick, announced on his Twitter account that the police had set up a hotline for anyone who has information about the incident or would like to check or inquire about a family member or friend.

Three bodies

Nottingham was awakened by the news that three bodies had been found in different locations, which the authorities suggested were linked accidents involving a van and a suspected man.

arrest the suspect

Nottinghamshire Police announced the arrest of a 31-year-old man “on suspicion of murder after the bodies of three people were found in the city, while three injured people were taken to hospital after a truck attempted to run them over.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described these incidents on Twitter as “shocking,” stressing that he was “following the developments of the investigation.”

It is noteworthy that these three incidents began around four in the morning (03:00 GMT), when two people were found dead in a street in the city center, then a truck tried to run over three people in another place.

Later, a third body of a man was found in another street in the city.

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