A Russian businessman appears in the video as he falls from the air and falls dead

A Russian businessman miscalculated his height from the ground while jumping with a parachute from a Russian-made Mil Mi-8 helicopter, so he quickly fell from where he was at a height of more than 100 meters, and hit the ground, according to what appeared in the video shown below.

Sergey Tsyganov was quickly transferred from where he fell in the suburb of Kolomna near the capital, Moscow, to a hospital where he arrived bleeding from several injuries and fractures, where the doctors did their best to save his life, but they did not succeed, so the 51-year-old breathed his last last Sunday and died.

It is known about Sergey Tsyganov, who is married and father of children, that he stayed two days in the hospital before his death, which was announced only yesterday, and that he is the former owner of Europe + Ryazan radio station, and he also owned Russian Radio – Ryazan as well.

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