A serious and ongoing accident in Nottingham… and a security cordon in London

A state of alert was witnessed in the British city of Nottingham today, Tuesday, while the police were alerted in the London Also, a large security cordon was imposed around the capital.

The roads were closed in Nottingham, central England, and security spread on the roads, while the British police announced that their members were dealing with a “continuing serious incident” in the city.

In turn, Nottingham Police reported, in a tweet on Twitter, that 6 roads in the city were closed at 6:57 GMT. It also called on citizens and residents to move away from the scene of the accident.

Tram stops

The city’s tram network announced that it had closed its operations until further notice due to the accident.

Clips circulated on social media showed that the roads were closed, amid the spread of ambulances, emergency vehicles and police.

However, no other details have yet been released by the official references about this mysterious incident, amid fears and interpretations of an attempt to carry out terrorist attacks.

This incident comes at a busy time, as thousands of Britons go to work at such a time.

It is noteworthy that Britain had witnessed, during the past years, some terrorist attacks, albeit at lower rates than France or other European countries, many of which were attributed to ISIS and other extremist terrorist organizations.

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