An embarrassing situation for an American actress .. They prevented her from entering a restaurant because of her clothes

The American star Zendaya was exposed to an embarrassing situation while she was in the Italian capital, Rome, where she was banned from entering a luxury restaurant, due to the strict dress code.

The famous 26-year-old singer and actress went out with her friends in the streets of Rome, adopting a comfortable casual look consisting of beige pants and a black crop top.

American actress Zendaya

And when Zendaya decided to have dinner, she went to a luxurious Italian restaurant, only to be surprised that one of the workers refused her entry because she did not adopt formal clothes suitable for the place.

American actress Zendaya

American actress Zendaya

While the photographers’ lenses (paparazzi) documented the moment Zendaya discussed with a receptionist in front of the restaurant, as it turned out that she dealt with the situation with open arms, to leave the place and go with her friends to a nearby pizzeria.

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