Coming from Syria.. Jordan drops a march laden with drugs

announce Jordanian army Downing a drone loaded with narcotics coming from Syrian territory.

An official military source at the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces said, “The Border Guard forces, in coordination with the military security services and the Anti-Narcotics Department, detected an attempt to illegally cross the border from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory, and it was shot down inside Jordanian territory.”

The source added that after the plane was shot down, it was found that it was carrying 500 grams of crystal, and the seized items were transferred to the competent authorities.

He also stressed that the Jordanian Armed Forces continue to deal with all force and firmness, with any threat on the border fronts, and any endeavors intended to undermine and destabilize the security of the homeland and terrorize its citizens.

Kill the “Emperor of Captagon”

The Jordanian army has been active for years in thwarting the smuggling of weapons and drugs coming from the Syrian territory, especially after it turned into a platform for smuggling drugs, especially Captagon, by the militias.

Amman considers drug smuggling, across the Jordanian-Syrian border, which extends at a distance of about 375 km, to be an “organized operation” that uses drones and is protected by armed groups.

Jordanian army (AFP)

And local intelligence and Western diplomatic sources revealed that Jordan carried out two raids on two drug sites in southern Syria, and killed the Captagon emperor, Marai al-Ramthan, last month.

This is the first operation announced by the Jordanian army after the airstrike that took place between Daraa and As-Suwayda, targeting Al-Ramthan’s house.

Syria is a prominent source of Captagon, a type of stimulating amphetamine, which usually mixes amphetamines, caffeine and other substances, since before the war broke out in 2011, according to AFP.

However, the conflict made it more popular, used and exported, especially by militias.

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