The counterattack is broad and continuous as I speak!

Days after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the start of his country’s counterattack against Russian forces, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin revealed that that attack had begun on June 4.

On Tuesday, the master of the Kremlin pointed out that the new attack is wide, and is moving in multiple directions, stressing that it is still continuing even during his speech, according to the “Tass” agency.

He also continued that his forces are gradually disarming Ukraine, explaining that Ukraine has lost 25-30% of the vehicles it obtained from the West.

Russia lost 54 tanks compared to 160 for Ukraine, he said.

He stressed that the objectives of the special military operation in Ukraine will not change in general.

As for the dam’s deception, Putin accused Ukraine of having deliberately targeted Kachokva with HIMARS missiles.

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