The first picture of the four Amazon children in the hospital… and a walk in a dog’s drawing!

For the first time since they were miraculously rescued from Amazon forests 40 days after they were lost, pictures of the four children in the hospital revealed that their health was better after receiving the necessary treatment.

The footage showed siblings, Leslie, Soleni and Tian Noriel, as well as Christine, at a military hospital in Bogota, Colombia, with exclusive photos of “Daily Mail” British .

While the four children made touching colorful drawings of the Belgian rescue dog Wilson, who was lost during the mission to save them.

Expressive graphics

They created the drawings as a contribution to the ongoing search for the lost dog who played a key role in finding them after the plane crash on May 1.

In Leslie’s drawing, six-year-old Wilson is pictured next to a river full of fish, a tree, and some yellow flowers, with the sun shining on the road.

Sollini’s drawing was similar, with Wilson near a tree with a flower and the sun shining, and on one side of the drawing was the Colombian flag and the message “Blessed Always”.

In turn, Narciso Mokotoi, the grandfather of the survivors, said that they draw drawings because they need to express themselves.

From the operation to rescue the four children (Reuters)

Search and rescue operations

Rescue dog Wilson was presumed missing a few days before Find siblings After he escaped from his handler, even his footprints were found by rescue teams near those of the children.

The loyal dog stayed with the children for several days before he went missing again, though he proved crucial to the search mission, which he dubbed “Esperanza”.

It is noteworthy that the Colombian authorities announced last Wednesday that four children had been found alive after they went missing for about 40 days after their plane crashed in the Amazon jungle.

The four children in the hospital (Associated Press)

The four children in the hospital (Associated Press)

Authorities deployed more than 100 soldiers with trained dogs to search for the children who were on a plane that crashed in the Amazon on May 1 in an accident that killed their mother and two other adults, and everyone thought it was impossible to find them alive.

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