To save the cruise .. Moscow began to use home-made marches

With the start of the Ukrainian counterattack, and while many observers expect it to be prolonged after the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, Britain has suggested that the Russian khat will start providing cruise missiles.

And the British Ministry of Defense said in its daily briefing, on Tuesday, that Moscow had begun Production of domestic drones Made to reduce the use of cruise missiles.

with Iranian help

It also reported that Russia had started producing these attack drones for use on Ukrainian soil With help from Iran

In addition, Britain thought that these inexpensive drones would play the required role instead of using cruise missiles, which are very expensive, even if the destructive impact of the drones is less.

And it saw that Moscow still maintains its access to Asian markets through the Caspian Sea and the northern passages, including arms transfers.

East Moscow plant

It is noteworthy that it had previously accused Russia of receiving drones from Iran, which were shipped across the Caspian Sea to reach the Russian forces that used them in their war against the Ukrainian forces.

It also reported that it is receiving materials from Tehran to build a factory for the production of these aircraft on its territory, expecting that this factory will start operating at its full capacity early next year (2024).

Iranian Drone (Reuters)

In addition, the US government showed a satellite image of the site that was chosen, according to its information, to establish the plant in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, about 900 kilometers east of Moscow.

Since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February of last year 2022, America has imposed several sanctions on suppliers of military equipment or marches to Russia, as has the European Union.

Although Tehran previously denied its involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and confirmed that it did not sell marches to the Russian forces.

Moscow, in turn, previously denied these accusations, stressing that it does not need military support from abroad.

However, Kiev repeatedly showed pictures of the wreckage of the drone launched by the Russian forces, proving that it was an Iranian industry.

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