A new German national security strategy…focuses on Russia

Germany will unveil its first comprehensive national security strategy today, Wednesday, in Berlin, as part of efforts to address what it sees as the growing military, economic and social threats the country faces.

The counselor is to be presented Olaf Schultz and four of his senior ministers for the new strategy, which took months to craft and is seen as the centerpiece of his three-party ruling coalition.

‘Russia is the biggest threat’

In addition, the German national security strategy aims to establish a federal center to counter cyberattacks, and describes Russia as the greatest serious threat to the international order and Europe.

Russia is also considered a threat to democracy in Europe and must be addressed, according to the Associated Press.

It confirms commitment to the NATO path and the allocation of 2% of GDP for defense spending.

worried about China

Germany’s national security strategy also considers that China poses increasing pressure on security in the Periphery region.

It is noteworthy that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has raised growing concern in Germany about the readiness of its armed forces, prompting Schulz to announce a “turning point” regarding military spending.

  (expressive - shutterstock)

(expressive – shutterstock)

Resilience against cyber attacks and the risks posed by climate change will be part of the new security strategy.

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