A rare operation.. A soldier opens fire on his colleagues in Japan

A state of confusion hit the military base in Japan Wednesday, after one of the soldiers opened fire on his colleagues, killing one soldier and wounding 2 others.

The suspect, a member of the Self-Defense Forces, was arrested at a military shooting range in central Gifu Prefecture, according to NHK.

It also turned out that he is young, and he is only 18 years old.

Rare accidents

Shootings are extremely rare in Japan, where gun ownership is strictly regulated and anyone seeking to own a gun must pass a rigorous process.

But last July (2022), the country was shocked by an assassination Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abewhile delivering a speech at an election rally in the western Nara region, where a gunman ignored him from the crowd and shot him.

Later, the offender admitted that he had a hatred for a specific organization, and that he committed the crime because he believed that Abe was linked to it!

While this crime opened a debate in the country about the safety and protection of politicians in general, and prime ministers and ministers in particular.

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