A wedding turned into a funeral. More than 100 people were killed in a boat sinking

More than 100 people have died when a boat carrying families returning from a wedding sank in a river in Nigeria, police and local authorities said Tuesday.

At least 103 deaths

Police in Kwara state, where the accident occurred, said the riverboat was carrying passengers from neighboring Niger state, without giving details of why it sank.

“So far, there are 103 deaths in the boat accident, while another 100 people have been rescued,” Kwara state police spokesman Okasanmi Ajayi told AFP.

Search for missing persons

“Search and rescue operations are still ongoing, which means the death toll is likely to rise,” he added.

The Kwara State Governor’s Office said the victims were returning from a wedding in Niger State to the Batigi district of Kwara.

Common accidents

River boat accidents are common in Nigeria and are usually caused by overloading, poor maintenance, neglect of safety rules or heavy flooding during the rainy season.

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