For the 12th time.. Lebanon’s representatives fail to elect a president

Once again, the “scenario” of failing to elect a President of the Republic in Lebanon is repeated.

In the 12th session called for by Parliament Speaker Bey Berri, all 128 deputies attended today, Wednesday, at the parliament’s headquarters in downtown Beirut, in order to elect the president of the republic after a quorum was reached.

As expected, none of the proposed candidates got strong on the political scene, namely Suleiman Franjieh andJihad Azour sufficient number of votes, in a scenario similar to the previous 12 sessions.

In the absence of any political consensus between the “Christian and Muslim” parties, especially Hezbollah, which clings to its candidate (Franjieh), stressing that it will not secure the quorum if it senses any danger to it, or the possibility of victory. Azour, Who was previously close to the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, there is no hope that either of them will reach the presidency.

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