I will destroy the deep state if re-elected

After the Miami federal court allowed him to leave unconditionally in Secret documents issueFormer US President Donald Trump said, at dawn on Wednesday, that this day is the most evil in the history of the United States.

“political persecution”

Trump added, during a speech to his supporters in New Jersey, that what is happening with him is political persecution, pointing out that “America will remember this day and will remember that President Joe Biden is corrupt and that he has a set of documents proving that he received money from China.”

He also added that Biden and Hillary Clinton had broken the law and had not been charged.

“vicious accusations”

Meanwhile, he described the indictment against him as sinister and an abuse of power, considering that any American president has the right keep documents The charges against me must be dropped.

Trump in New Jersey

He said that America will become like Venezuela and Cuba if the current administration continues on the same path, adding that the communists and leftists threaten the future of America.

‘I’m going to court Biden’

He also confirmed his ability to end the Ukrainian war in 24 hours.

Trump vowed to Biden if he – i.e. Trump – returned to the White House, confirming that at that time he would appoint a special investigator to prosecute the current president.

Trump had denied dozens of criminal charges against him related to intentionally mishandling US government secrets and planning not to return classified documents, in the first historic appearance of a former US president before a federal court.

left without restrictions

CNN reported that Trump was allowed to leave the court without conditions or travel restrictions and no cash guarantee was required.

For his part, Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, said during a hearing in a Miami court, “We certainly plead not guilty” of these charges.

A journalist at Agence France-Presse reported that the former president remained silent throughout the session, during which his face was darkened and he spent it moving his arms between the folded and extended positions.

A precedent in the history of American presidents

This is the second time that Trump has appeared before a court to face criminal charges, as ten weeks ago a Manhattan court charged him with criminal charges for paying money to buy the silence of a pornographic actress.

But this is the first time that criminal charges have been brought against him by a federal court, in a precedent in the history of former US presidents.

Trump’s birthday

The billionaire, who turns seventy-seven today, Wednesday, is accused of keeping government secrets that he illegally took with him to his home in Florida when his term ends in 2021, of refusing to return them when he was officially asked to do so, and of conspiring to obstruct the work of investigators who were seeking to recover them.

He is also accused of revealing sensitive American secrets to people who do not have security clearances, in a case more serious than the others he faced, and the penalty could reach decades in prison.

The 49-page indictment includes photographs showing boxes that were supposed to be in the National Archives stacked in ballrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach residence.

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