The displacement crisis is worsening in Sudan. More than two million people have left the country

As the conflict in Sudan between the army and Rapid Support enters its second month, I renewed United nations Warning her of the displaced crisis.

And the United Nations Migration Agency announced in a statement today, Wednesday, that the number of displaced people as a result of the fighting reached about 2.2 million people.

It also indicated that the conflict forced 528,147 people to seek refuge in neighboring countries, while about 1.7 million people were displaced from their homes inside the country.

humanitarian crisis

Since the outbreak of violent fighting between the two military forces in the country in mid-April, thousands have flocked to neighboring countries, including Egypt, Chad and others, while thousands have also fled from the capital, Khartoum, towards safer areas within the country, especially with the power cuts, communications cut off, and most banks stopping their services.

and exacerbated the conflict Humanitarian and living crisisWhat the already poor country was suffering from before, while relief and international organizations warned that hunger would affect many groups in Sudan, especially if the fighting was prolonged, and the methods of delivering aid to the needy were not secured.

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