5 obstacles that can prevent you from achieving your dreams.. Learn how to overcome them

The journey of pursuing career dreams can be exhilarating, full of passion and positivity, but there are also huge numbers of people who give up on their aspirations and feel frustrated and self-doubt.

There are common reasons why people give up on their career goals, according to a report published in Psychology Today by Ruth Gutian, assistant professor of education at Weill Cornell Medical College and author of The Success Factor. But there are also actionable strategies to help reignite enthusiasm and drive career success.

Gutian says there are five main obstacles that can prevent a person from achieving their dreams and achieving their goals in life. But the good news is that they can all be overcome, as follows:

1. Fear of failure

Fear of failure can be powerful and can paralyze even the most ambitious of individuals. It can reach a significant level of uncertainty associated with any attempt to make any additional effort, and then the prefabricated answer is that there is a possibility of not achieving the goal. In an effort to avoid potential loss and embarrassment, they tend to never take steps or initiatives.

One should always remember that one can learn something from experience, Gutien advises, whatever the results. Enlisting the support of mentors and trusted surroundings is a way to reduce fear and help set realistic expectations.

2. External pressure and expectations

External pressure from family, society, social media, and more can erode a person’s self-confidence and career dreams. Constantly listening to what others have achieved leads to confusion and exhaustion. Thus, the person is not clearly aware that each person’s path to success is unique, his path should be his own, and he should define his steps to success through personal aspirations and values. So, he should depend on how he sees himself, not on how others view him.

3. Impatience and instant gratification

The pursuit of long-term career dreams is not consistent with the expectation of instant gratification. Success comes before only working in non-fiction novels and movies. A person must be sure that the expectation of quick gain sets him up for eventual disappointment. But it can be done by breaking larger goals into smaller milestones, celebrating small progress and wins, and seeking guidance from trusted experienced people who have overcome similar challenges in staying focused and motivated.

4. Self-doubt and lack of self-confidence

Self-doubt and a person’s inability to believe in their abilities can be a major hindrance to pursuing and achieving career dreams. A person has to come out of the crucible, in which he has imprisoned himself, and gain some outside perspective. He can start from the point of challenging his self-beliefs, which limit his progress, and rephrase negative thoughts, in a way that gives self-confidence in a realistic manner commensurate with his abilities to achieve his ambitions.

5. Lack of resources and opportunities

Sometimes a person needs more knowledge and, more importantly, access to more information, data or expertise. Limited access to resources, mentorship, or opportunities can be a major challenge and hinder the pursuit of your dream career, because it is difficult to walk through doors that you don’t know exist. Therefore, it is crucial to seek out resources proactively, by expanding your circles of acquaintances and friends and even learning easy ways to start a conversation with a stranger or by attending conferences, webinars, and tutorials. Engaging in lifelong learning, diversifying your network of professional contacts, and actively seeking out extended assignments can help overcome these obstacles and open doors to new possibilities.

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