“Basma Wahba said it is not permissible.”

On Thursday night, the Egyptian actress, Juri Bakr, lit up the communication sites, after the news of her separation from her husband was published through the Al-Story feature on her Instagram account.

Delete and deny

Juri quickly denied the news and deleted the story, confirming that her Instagram account had been hacked.

Juri Bakr denied

Then she wrote a “new story”, saying: “I am unable to speak and my nerves are tired.. Thank you very much to all the people who communicated with me, and God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs in every one who wants to take revenge on me in this way.”

Her account was hacked

She added that her account was hacked, “The account was hacked, and in a second, everything that happened happened.”

She also added sarcastically, “Professor Basma Wahba made it clear that it is not permissible to divorce a pregnant woman,” stressing that her husband cannot divorce her.

Basma Wahba comment

The announcer, Basma Wahba, had commented on the spread of the news of Jouri Bakr’s separation from her husband, by saying that it is not permissible to divorce a pregnant woman.

It is noteworthy that in Islamic law it is permissible to divorce a pregnant woman and her promise is to give birth.

And before Juri Bakr denied the news of her separation, he posted on her account: “And He made between you affection and mercy. The separation took place between me and the respected man, my husband, and I wish him all the best.”

“I don’t answer calls”

And she added, “Please, I do not want anyone to communicate with me about any details, because I will not answer any calls, thank you.”

It is noteworthy that Juri Bakr shared several photos on her Instagram account, which appear in the last months of pregnancy.

Great success in “Jaafar El-Omda”

Juri had achieved great success in the Ramadan 2023 drama season, through the character “Wadad”, which she embodied in the series “Jaafar Al-Omda”, starring Muhammad Ramadan, May Kassab, Hala Sidqi, Iman Al-Assi, Menna Fadali, Zina, and the series was written and directed by Muhammad. Sami.

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