Don’t have time to visit stores? You can now “try on clothes virtually”

Google announced, on Wednesday, the launch of two new features that allow users to harness generative artificial intelligence technology in the experience of the clothes they buy online.

And the American tech giant said in a post on its blog that users should feel the same confidence they feel when shopping in physical stores, as they can try on clothes in the fitting room before buying them, when shopping online.

And Google added in its publication that it is introducing two new features that bring users to this fitting room experience, namely: the virtual clothing experience that uses generative artificial intelligence to show them clothes on a wide range of real fashion models, while the new filters feature helps users find exactly what they are looking for. .

“While apparel is one of the most searched-for shopping categories, most online shoppers agree that it can be difficult to know what an apparel will look like before you buy it,” the company said.

And now, thanks to the search engine’s new virtual try-on tool, users can see if an item fits them or not before they buy it, and the virtual try-on shows them what the clothes look like on a variety of real models.

Google explained how the feature works by saying that its new artificial intelligence model takes the image of just one garment and accurately reflects how it bends, folds, stretches, and forms wrinkles and shadows on a variety of real models in different poses.

The company said it recruited people from XXS to 4XL, representing different skin tones, as well as different body shapes, ethnicities, and hair types.

And starting today, shoppers in the US can actually try on women’s clothing from brands via Google, including Anthropologie, Everlane, H&M, and LOFT.

Users only have to click on the products bearing the Try On badge in the search engine, and select the models that look closest to them.

Google said: “We believe that artificial intelligence will continue to improve our lives in comprehensive ways, including making everyday activities, such as shopping, more useful and enjoyable.”

The company promised more ways in which it uses advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, to help people shop online with confidence.

In a separate story related to artificial intelligence, Google said that it will launch two new features based on artificial intelligence technology for advertisers that can automatically find the best placements for brand ads across the company’s various services.

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