Finding the first body of the missing Britons in the Red Sea

Egyptian sources revealed, on Thursday, that it was done The first body of the three missing British tourists has been found In the Red Sea boat burning accident.

The sources confirmed to that the completely charred body was found inside the boat, after the specialized crews were able to enter it, examine its wreckage, and inspect its contents.

The authorities are now transferring the body to the morgue, and placing it at the disposal of the judicial authorities, in order to conduct a DNA analysis and identify its identity, while the authorities continue to search for the other two bodies inside the boat.

Information had been revealed, had been decided The fate of the three missing Britons Those who were on board the Marsa Alam boat, which was burned last Sunday in the waters of the Red Sea in southern Egypt.

Sources revealed to that the three missing persons, a woman named “Christine Koonen” and two men, “Stephen Hill” and “Paul Darling”, were inside their rooms on board the boat at the moment the fire broke out, and one of them got out of the room to try to escape and returned again. But he managed to get out, adding that he may have tried to go back to search and get his phone and passport or some of his personal belongings, but he was unable to get out to escape.

The sources confirmed that the other two, the man and the woman, were known to not be fans of waking up early, and therefore they were asleep at the time of the accident, and the fire broke out because they did not participate in the diving trip, adding that their rooms were located near the fuel tank, which means that they did not get out of them. , the moment the fire ignited, and they may have died of suffocation or burning.

This information coincided with the statements of the British “Scuba Travel” company for tourism, which organized the tour of the tourist group, as it revealed that the three Britons who were missing had died.

She added that the three tourists asked not to dive, while the rest were preparing a statement of instructions on the deck of the boat when the fire broke out.

Previously, sources revealed to that the fuel tank and its heavy capacity were behind the delay in the cooling of the burning boat, in preparation for the entry of the forces into the boat from the inside and the search for the missing.

She stressed that the reason for the continued emission of fumes from the boat and the delay in extinguishing the fire is the fuel tank, which has a total capacity of about 18 tons, especially since such boats continue to be at sea for several days, and they must be supplied with abundant quantities of fuel, sufficient to operate them throughout their presence on safari trips. And extended for two and three days.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Governorate had announced that it had received a notification at exactly nine quarter past nine in the morning of Sunday that a fire had broken out in Blanche Safari, with 15 British passengers and 10 crew members on board, in addition to 2 guides. 3 are missing.

She stated that the initial examination resulted in an electrical short circuit in the engine room, and the Public Prosecution office was transferred to the examination and investigation.

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