The accused is a friend of age.. The mother of the doctor buried in his clinic is Troy

After the body of a young doctor was found buried in a hole inside his clinic, the security services in Egypt managed to arrest his friend, the doctor, and two others on charges of killing the “coastal doctor” Osama Tawfiq Sabour.

Arrest the accused

In the details, a security force succeeded, on Wednesday, in locating the hiding place of the first suspect, and a security force headed and managed to arrest him in one of the governorates of Upper Egypt after escaping from Cairo. According to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” website.

Investigations indicated that the accused is a friend of the victim and works as a doctor. He killed his colleague inside the clinic since last Saturday and left him until he smelled and the people informed the police.

crime representation

Then, on Wednesday, the investigation men in Cairo escorted the defendants under heavy security, to represent the crime that occurred inside the clinic, when they killed their friend, the doctor.

Coast Doctor

Mother Troy

For her part, the victim’s mother said that her son’s colleagues at the Nasser Institute told her that her son had received a phone call while he was working, so he asked them to go out for half an hour only to go to one of the places and then he would return again, indicating that they told her that he had left work, and had not returned since At that time, they did not know anything about him, and she continued, “His owner was going to work for him, and they took him the suit in order to comfort their colleague, and they told him that he was absent and did not know anything about him.” According to what was reported by “Cairo 24”.

He shares his day with her.

The grieving mother said that her son was in constant telephone contact with her, and he was sharing with her the details of his day during his work in Cairo Governorate at the Nasser Institute Hospital, saying: He was talking to me and telling me about every need and his age did not upset me, and he was a peak in morals.

The coastal region of Cairo witnessed a tragic crime. Where the security services found the body of a doctor buried inside his private clinic, after a notification from his family that he had been absent for 4 days, and the body was transferred to the morgue at the disposal of the investigation authorities.

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